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Munay Ki rites (rituals of lighting) is the most important teachings received by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, a psychologist and anthropologist who has studied for over 25 years of healing practices of Amazonian shamans and Incas. He founded the University of San Francisco, self Biological Laboratory to study how the mind creates health and disease. Dr. Alberto Villoldo Society leads the four winds, which prepares students for the practice of energy medicine.

Dr. Alberto Villoldo received the initiations of his masters shamans, along with the urge to pass in the world. As these initiations will fully integrate into your permanent one to be blessed by the higher beings. Inca shamans have realized that the Earth is now in a moment of profound transformation and is necessary to share these powerful initiations and out of their line.
Dr. Alberto Villoldo is the author of books: "shaman, healer, sage," "undo the past, to heal the future with soul retrieval," "The four insights" and "bold dreams," translated into Romanian.
Munay Ki Qiiechua is a word origin and means "Love and Beauty" or "I love you" or "Be as you are." By Munay Ki are the nine rites of initiation understanding of shamanic medicine to become a person full of wisdom and power, which assumed responsibility for all of creation. The initiation rites are common to all shamanic traditions, even if they are expressed in various forms and styles in different cultures. Munay Ki represents the most profound and transformative rituals that Indians come from O'ero, senior shamans of the Incas, who originate from more than 30,000 years, the wisdom keepers of the Himalayas, knowing that people Laika. The nine rites of initiation have the ability to transform human consciousness - by changing the matrix, the light pattern of the body, activating the DNA quality, so that age, we heal and die in different ways, even as our physical body evolves into a body of light.

Ancient prophecies still talk about the emergence of a new man appears on Earth - one that will live out of fear and will have entire transcendental force in nature, called Homo Luminosus. Munay Ki are the codes for this man will appear and will change the way you live, you will heal or you die. These codes are transmitted in the form of energy rituals practiced in the chakra system.
In the tradition of the peoples of the Andes, the word Munay means to love, to want or like. It is very unconditional love, limitless, eternal. This love, which has its seat of your heart center, is exercise for developing power shaman. But Munay is also one of the principles of organization of the entire universe, the law of love, the first of three sacred laws, yet. But more than a simple emotion, Munay is seen as an attitude of respect and appreciation for everything around us. Thus, Munay, with the heart we can communicate with all five lands (mineral, vegetal, animal, human and Apukunas - one of the Beings of Light). In the same tradition, the word Ayni is reciprocity, balance, and harmony. It is considered to be relatively correct, an exchange or a sacred work done jointly for the benefit of all. If you give, you receive if you receive, you must give back, this is one of mystical traditions law yet, which is found today in small mountain villages. Ayni is a way of life created by the Incas, which are indispensable to their survival. A Ayni practice with everyone and everything around us, help open the heart. And the new Ki Munay rituals help us live in Ayni.

Munay Ki rites are divided into three categories:
- Basic rituals,
- Rituals transmitted power lines,
- Rituals to come.

Basic Rituals

1 - ritual healer - Humpeq - connects the Beings of Light to come and will assist in healing and personal transformation. Laika know that we have available a tremendous spiritual assistance. Beings of Light will work with us, either during meditation that we do, either during sleep, to heal our wounds. Also, by receiving this ritual will awaken and will develop the healing power that lies in your hands

2 - The ritual of protection - consists of introduction into the field of light, the five energy bands, representing the elements: earth, water, fire, air and spirit. Once installed, these bands will act to break down any negative energy around you, in one of these five elements so that these negative energies, will not be able to affect. In a world based on feelings of fear, these bands of power, provide considerable protection. Receiving this initiation ensure complete protection of light energy field.

3 - Ritual harmony - Ayni Karp - is sending the seven chakras universal archetypes. In the first chakra will receive serpent, jaguar in the second chakra, chakra Wilco in the third and eagle (condor) in the heart chakra. Then will follow a total of three "archangels" in the higher chakras, as follows: Huascar Inca - keeper of the world below, but the subconscious mind is transmitted chakra 5 / neck, Quetzalcoatl - the feathered serpent, keeper of the world means and of consciousness, chakra will be sent in 6 / a of the third eye, and Pachacuti upper and super-conscious world-saver, and time keeper will be sent in your crown / 7th chakra. These archetypes are transmitted in the chakras as seeds that will germinate in the presence of fire, therefore, will be to achieve a minimum of five meditations to awaken and grow. Receiving this ritual will help you clean and protect your chakras, to develop the light body.

4 - Ritual clairvoyant - Karwak - allows opening the energy pathways, by installing wire light of the visual cortex, in the third eye and heart. This practice will awaken the ability to perceive the invisible world. Many of those who received this ritual, they discovered a few months, that could "see" energy world around them.
Rituals transmitted on power lines

5 - day ritual keepers - Pampa Mesayok - is a ritual that will be connected to a line of famous healers of the past masters. Keepers days were mostly women and were busy assisting births and deaths, as well as healing with plants. Receiving this ritual allows you to work with the energy of sacred places in different parts of the world (Macchu Picchu, Stonehenge), to be held in that make energy work, and to heal from your feminine side, so going beyond fear.

6 - ritual keepers of wisdom - Alto Mesayok - which will be connected to a line of light beings who lived sacred mountains of the planet Earth and which are keepers and protectors of the science of healing. Receiving this ritual will help called wisdom-keepers, asking them to give her wisdom and knowledge in order to heal the male of your time to go out, learn shamanic medicine and feel infinite.

7 - ritual keepers earth - Kurak Akullak - puts you in touch with beings superior galactic protectors of our solar system and supporters of life on Earth. Receiving this ritual will put you in touch with the stars, sun and our planet will learn ways of seers and dreamers, to bring them into the world.

8. Rituals to come - ritual keepers Star - Morshai Karpay - is a ritual that will stabilize energy fields, after the great change that will occur in 2012. After receiving this ritual, the physical body begins to evolve in the human body light (homo luminosus). Recode your DNA is, the processes of aging are slowed down and become more resistant to disease. After initiation, the events are not processed at the physical level, but at the energy level of Spirit.

9 Ritual Creator - Taitanchis Trantor - awakens the Inner Divine Creator or sparks, so you understand that you are part of the Principle of Creation, from the smallest grain of sand, the largest accumulation of galaxies in the universe. This ritual was not until recently, available on Earth, being received directly from Spirit. Although there have been people who have reached this level and have raised Christ or Buddha consciousness, has never been this ritual may have been transmitted from person to person. Creator rite was received by Inca shamans, who received the ability to pass in the summer of 2006.

Presentation of the course materials are collected and translated Munay Ki on sites: www.munay-ki.org, www.thefourwinds.com.
The courses will be explained Munay Ki and sent participants by Master Instructor, all 9 rites by making initiations, one for each ritual initiation. Each participant will receive the stone of Pi, which allows it to receive and pass on, initiation rituals for the 9.
To participate in these seminars is not required prior training in one of the Reiki system.


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